World's 1st Predictable SEO Sales Platform for 2GIT

World's Best SEO optimized Content for 2GIT

World's Best Digital & SEO Skilled Resources for 2GIT

World's most advanced 2GIT Platform for APIs & Integrations

Industry's most advanced Contract Platform for 2GIT

World's 1st SEO optimized Sales Platform Approved for Google

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How it Works?

With over 40+ Apps and more than 750 features, streamlining, automating and scaling your business has never been easier with today's most advanced SEO optimized DXP solution on the market.

Start smart and scale big without allocating any resources or taking risks.

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W3 is the 1st eBusiness Usage as a Service (UaaS) subscription provider to empower 2GIT contract holders with a fully functioning DXP solution without allocating any resources, taking risks or having to pay anything to get started.

What is iRevOps?  

Turning Strategy into Reality is Easy with an All-in-one DXP Solution


The W3 Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a fully integrated SEO optimized tech stack that leverages the world's best 2GIT content, technology and SEO skilled resources to connect and align your marketing, sales, operations and customer success portal with Google's ever growing network.

From lead-to-cash and post service support, W3 DXP delivers everything you need to streamline, automate and scale your business across the full customer life cycle to drive new revenue through operational efficiencies within a single platform.

  • SEO Google Profiler - Connect with everything Google
  • CMS & Web Design
  • Marketing, SMM, Email, Blogs & CPaaS
  • Sales, CPQ & Pipeline
  • eCommerce & Product Catalog (Dynamic)
  • Financial Management & Order Fulfilment
  • Customer Experience (CX) Portal
  • CRM 360 - Single Source of Truth
  • Connect Anywhere
  • OneView Dashboard
  • Unlimited Scalability - 40+ Apps & 750+ features

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W3 Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for 2GIT
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Digital Experience Platform (DxP)

W3 DXP technology stack for 2GIT

World’s most advanced SEO optimized Tech Stack

Turning strategy into reality is easy with W3 DxP

W3 DxP is an all-in-one business platform that bundles the world's best SEO optimized 2GIT content, technology and skilled resources. It rapidly deploys a fully integrated 2GIT marketing and sales strategy that's easy and affordable.


  • Generates website traffic & qualified leads
  • Drives new revenue
  • Reduces costs
  • Accelerates speed-to-market
  • Improves data access
  • Empowers your teams with better tools
  • Makes it easier on customers to do business
  • Provides a step-by-step deployment strategy
W3 DxP - How it works?

What's an SEO optimized Digital Experience Platform (DXP)  

It’s an all-in-one digital eco-system that connects all your 2GIT marketing collateral, data & responsibilities via a single platform to provide your contacts with the world’s best customer experience (CX). The 2GIT DxP Solution is an SEO optimized tech stack that delivers a fully integrated marketing, sales & customer experience (CX) platform that supports: SEO, Google Analytics, Google Search Console (GSC), Google Cloud, Google Merchant Center (GMC), Google Shopping, Google Ads, CPQ, eCommerce, CRM, SMM (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, Pinterest +), SEM, CMS, eMail, Help desk, Punchout, Contract Management & more.

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streamline & automate your business in the cloud

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Proof of Concept

From the #1 SEO Agency in the IT Industry

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Why SEO is no longer an option?

Predictable SEO for 2GIT


If you're not listed on the 1st page, you're not getting the sale


9 out of 10 IT procurement requests begin with a Google search and if you're not listed on the 1st page of Google, you're not getting the sale.


With our SEO Sales Strategy, we'll supercharge your website with the world's best SEO optimized IT content and help you get listed on the 1st page of Google.

SEO is no longer an option. It's a survival necessity.

Imagine an SEO strategy so precise, that getting listed on the 1st page of Google is not only easy, it's predictable. Introducing the world's 1st predictable SEO sales platform for IT contract holders.

Get listed on the 1st page of Google for 2GIT

How it Works?

Google's mission is simple!

Google wants to share the world's best content on their 1st page (SERP) and your mission is to host the world's best 2GIT content on your website. Your SEO responsibilities are simplified using our 3 step proven process.

1) Content

  • You'll inherit the world's best SEO optimized 2GIT content to host on your website
  • We'll help you engage your Vendors to optimize and include their marketing collateral on your website

2) Technology

    You'll inherit the world's best SEO optimized platform, including:
  • SEO Google Profiler with Google Shopping Integration
  • SEO Optimized CMS
  • Marketing & Communication Platform (CPaaS)
  • SEO, SMM, SEM, Email
  • LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram +
  • Sales, CPQ & Pipeline
  • AI-powered eCommerce
  • Order fulfillment & Financial Management
  • Customer Experience (CX) Portal
  • CRM 360
  • Connect Anywhere API (Integration hub)
  • OneView Dashboard

3) Skilled Resources

  • You'll inherit the world's best SEO skilled resources to perform all your SEO and marketing responsibilities
  • 200+ 2GIT SEO ranking tactics
How our SEO predictable platfom works for 2GIT

World's 1st DxP UaaS Subscription for 2GIT contract holders

Get started for FREE!

Imagine an SEO strategy that lets 2GIT contract holders Start Smart by launching their own business in the cloud without taking risks, allocating resources or having to pay anything to get started.

That's exactly what we're offering 2GIT contract holders with our no-risk DxP Proof-of-Concept (POC) Experience.

It's fast, it's easy and it's free to get started.

No Risk - Step-by-step Deployment Strategy

  • Free: DxP Proof-of-Concept (POC) Experience
  • Go Live: DxP Start Smart UaaS Package
  • Step #1: CPQ (optional Add-on)
  • Step #2: eCommerce SEO, GSC, Marketing & Blogging
  • Step #3: Google Shopping, GSM & Google Ads
  • Step #4: SMM & Enhanced SEO Agency Services
  • Step #5: Premium SEO Agency Servcies
  • Step #6: Contract SEO with 1st Ranking Positions
  • Step #7: Unlimited Scalability
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W3 No Cost eCommerce, eMail and Marketing Offer

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DxP Start Smart: Digital Deployment Strategy

Getting Started

Getting Started with you DXP Solution

Building a successful online strategy starts by selecting a platform that will allow you to start small and scale big as your service needs & requirements evolve.

Professional Edition

  1. AI-Powered eCommerce
  2. Configure, Price & Quote
  3. SEO Optimized Website Builder
  4. DXP Productivity Suite
  5. Professional Edition (A, B, C & D)
  6. Enterprise Edition

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