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How Google Search Works

How Google Search works as it relates to TD Synnex, Ingram Micro, D&H, Bluestar, Cisco Meraki and Cisco resellers. Including contract holders that support the Standing Offers and Supply Agreements (SOSA), Supply Arrangements (SA), National Master Standing Offers (NMSO), Regional Master Standing Offers (RMSO), National Individual Standing Offers (NISO), Regional Individual Standing Offers (RISO), Departmental Individual Standing Offers (DISO), NASA SEWP V, CIO-CS, ITES-SW2, 2GIT, PEPPM, CMAS, Quilt, Department of Commerce, Department of Labor, Ohio STS and GSA MAS.

Every time a Google user does a keyword search, there are thousands, sometimes millions of webpages or other content (images, videos, podcasts, news etc...) that might be a match to the user's search request. Google's mandate is to display the top 10 ranking webpages based on their 1st page using a sophisicated alogrithm and in order for you to get listed on the 1st page, all you have to do is host world's best SEO optimized content on your website for those matching keywords.

How Google Search Works


How Real People Make Google Search Better


How Google Search Continues To Improve Results


How Ads Appear In Google Search


How Your Location Makes Google Search More Helpful

  • Meaning
  • Relevance
  • Quality
  • Usability
  • Context

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