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Digital eXperience Platform (DXP)

W3 DXP Plus

W3 DXP Plus provides the ultimate advantage for launching your digital transformation journey as you'll inherit everything you need to accelerate and scale your business using our proven step-by-step self-financing deployment strategy.

Modules, features, workflow & usage license Plus (DIY) Developer Enterprise UaaS
Starting as low as (USD) $1,095 $2,750 $4,995 varies
Setup & configuration (starting from USD) $2,495 $7,500 $12,500 varies
A) OneView Dashboard & AI Data Logic
B) Distributor & Partner Cloud
C) Integration Cloud
D) Analytics Cloud
1) Marketing Cloud
2) Sales Cloud
3) eCommerce Cloud
4) Operations Cloud
5) Billing Cloud
6) Service Cloud
7) CRM & Customer Experience Cloud
8) Certified Agency Partner - SLA
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W3 DXP Plus

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W3 DXP Plus

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