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Topical authority is an SEO concept where we empower your website with the world's best SEO-optimized content for your selected keywords to become the go-to authority on all topics related to your uniques selling proposition (USP), ideal cusromer profile (ICP) and selected keywords.

Building and achieving a topical authority designation from Google requires a lot of skilled planning as it entails incorporating the right combination of SEO tactics (from over 200+ tactics) to become the top-ranking authority for your defined marketplace.

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DXP Certified Service Options UaaS Bonus SP #4 SP #5 SP #6
Service fees starting from (monthly) -- +$2,500 +$1,000 +$1,000
Setup & configuration fees (starting from) -- +$2,500 +$2,500 +$2,500
1) Marketing Cloud
8) Certified Agency Partner - SLA
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W3 DXP Plus Agency 1st Page Ranking Strategy W3 DXP Plus Agency Service Package #6 - 1st Page Ranking Efforts

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