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Funnel as a Service (FaaS)

Funnel as a Service (FaaS) offers an easy and predictable way to scale your marketing efforts with precision, confidence and cost effectively.

Empower your marketing strategy with the necessary information that provides your team a predictable vision of the future to optimize and grow your return on ad spend (ROAS).

Funnel as a service (FaaS) Campaigns for Cisco Meraki

Profit Simulator

What is the ...

Profit Simulator

It's a marketing simulation technology that allows you to model, simulate & predict the different outcomes of multiple scenarios in order to analyze, fine-tune & improve your ongoing marketing strategy.

The results empower you with the necessary information that removes the guesswork out of planning profit-optimized sales funnels to prevent costly mistakes.

It's a win-win discovery process that should never be skipped.

Profit Prediction Data Graphs
Artificial Intelligence Simulation Roboot

How Simulations Can Help

Discover your full potential

Analyze, fine-tune & improve your funnel's full potential.

Simulate before you build

Avoid pouring time & money into marketing efforts that will not produce results.

Find optimization opportunities

Find inefficiencies that are limiting your ROI.

Avoid costly mistakes

Being able to predict shortcomings before they happen is huge

Maximize your ROAS

Simulating traffic & predicting outomes is the best way to improve your return on ad spend (ROAS).

Plan, simulate & forecast

Planning your next big marketing idea or optimizing an existing one is easy!

With iRevOps, it's easy to predict your marketing success!

iRevOps gives you all the tools, technology & business know-how to streamline, automate & grow your business with confidence!

Visualize Funnel Maps

The simulation will include conversion numbers, and allow you to visualize the path customers follow, through your sales funnel. This makes it easier to spot optimization opportunities and where customer acquisition could be improved.

Visual Funnel Map
Profit Projection Summery

Project Summary

With an overview summary of your funnel you’ll see all the key numbers broken-down by Monthly & Yearly totals. Numbers such as Revenue, Profit, Traffic Volume & Traffic Costs, Leads, as well as key metrics such as EPC, LTV, CPA, CPL, CPC and more. You will also see the distribution of your Traffic Sources and Product Revenue.

Dream Profit Goal

To run this incredibly valuable report… you start by entering in your Dream Profit Goal for how much profit you hope your project will make in a year. Let’s say you enter the goal of “$500,000.” The system will instantly, powered by a sophisticated algorithm, Reverse Engineer your entire funnel and it will show you a Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly breakdown for what sales you will need per day, as well how many leads, revenue, and traffic visitors you will need! It will also figure out your related expenses and traffic costs to achieve this Dream Profit Goal.

Dream Profit Goal Summary
Traffic Reinvestment Summary

Traffic Reinvestment

This valuable report will show you how much Revenue & Profit you would generate if you reinvested 10% of your profit back into buying traffic. It will also show you a graph for 15% and 25% reinvestment as well, or enter your own reinvestment % to create a custom report. Run this report and quickly see how your business might scale when you reinvest your profit to buy more traffic!

Scenario Comparison Report

With “Scenario Comparison” Reports you’ll be able to instantly see how all the numbers are affected in your project based on the differences between Scenario 1 and Scenario 2. For example, you can see how your revenue & profit numbers would change if you increased your price 10%, if sales conversions went from 3.4% to 4.2%, if you increased your Opt-in rate from 38% to 45%, if your average CPC for Facebook traffic went from $2.00 to $1.75, and much more!

Scenario Comparison Summery

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